Become A JWT Agent

Now hiring! Interested in learning more about becoming an agent on the Jonah Waalen Team? We have a few spots available for new or experienced agents to join our team.

A Different Kind Of Real Estate Team

At the Jonah Waalen Team, we help our agents build their business within our business. We want people to know our agents just as much as they know the team leader. It isn’t all about one person. A true team is a group of people that all work together and share a common goal; to provide our clients with the best possible service level attainable. 


Just an example…..

There aren’t too many teams out there that have the agents name and phone number on the sign panel. Usually it is the team owner, leader, or website only. We want our agents to have direct access to potential clients (leads) from their listings. We are building each other, not just ourselves. 


Tired of wondering where your next deal is going to come from?

Our goal is to help our agents streamline the process so they can avoid the pitfalls of an up and down business (the roller coaster effect). An agent can stay focused and be more productive with a steady and consistent flow of business. 


So here’s whats next….

We would LOVE to meet with you! Of course, our meeting will be for you to explore our team and get to know us. We want you to learn about us, and we want to learn about you! Some people are not a fit, and we are not a fit for some people, but hey, we get it! We are building something great here, we need the right people! Oh and of course, all meetings are confidential. 



Send your info through the “Get in Touch” section on the top right or on the contact tab on our home page to secure your exploratory meeting now!